Start with a whole wheat Rudi’s organic muffin (120 calories), brown a slice of Applegate Farms nitrate free turkey bacon (35 calories), add an egg cooked in the non-stick pan with Pam (80 calories), sprinkle on an ounce of Cabot’s 75% reduced fat cheddar (35 calories) and there you have it–a 270 calorie delicious breakfast sandwich.  If you want to lower it even more use an egg white instead of the whole egg and it would be 220 calories.  I use the whole egg for the vitamin D in the yolk.  Contrast that to a McDonald’s bacon, egg, cheese biscuit with 420 calories, 1160mg of sodium and 23 grams of fat. 
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  1. Jane Lyon
    Jane Lyon says:

    That sounds wonderful (and very filling) !! I am going to "share" it on FB if you don't mind! What is your store-of-preference to get the above-mentioned brands?

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