Jalapeno cheese stuffed spicy corn dog

The Aiko

When I was in Phoenix back in August I happened upon a food truck, Short Leash Mobile Hot Dog Eatery, at the Phoenix Public Market. I had already eaten dinner so I didn’t try anything but I was charmed by their concept. Hot dogs named after their own and others pet dogs with photos of the dog next to their namesake hot dog. Adorable! And the hot dogs sounded so delicious– The Aiko– mango chutney, diced jalapenos, red onions, fresh cilantro and mayo on naan bread or The Igby–coleslaw and crumbled blue cheese drizzle with tangy bbq sauce.
I planned to come back next time I was in Phoenix, no telling when that would be. Fortunately, I became a Facebook fan of Short Leash and have been getting updates about them all along so I would not forget them. They have been wildly popular in Phoenix and have been written about extensively. As luck would have it I’m back this week and remembered that Wednesday afternoon and evening was the day they would be at the Public Market. I walked down there this evening and there they were! I ordered the Aiko, although I was tempted to order the special Devil Dog, with roasted red peppers, green chile, sauteed onion, pickled jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. Too bad I can’t come back…
As I was enjoying my Aiko, which by the way was awesome, one of the owners, Brad Moore, came out and gave me a sample of the spicy corn dog. We had been talking earlier about my visit in August and they remembered me telling them I was from Fort Worth. Brad went to Texas Wesleyan and has family in Ft. Worth. Brad and Katherine Moore are the nicest couple and their business is doing well which makes me very happy. Brad said it was physically harder than they imagined and I believe it. They are featured in this month’s Arizona magazine, page 50, but I have been unable to locate a copy.
Both the Aiko and corn dog were so tasty. Now I have to get dressed to go to an evening reception at the Sheraton Hotel with free food (my experience is that the vultures will swoop in and gobble it down before you can get to it). But I will not be hungry, thanks to Short Leash.
I love Phoenix.