Huevos Rancheros
Atole Pinon Pancake with jalapeno bacon

Our first meal was last night at the Tune Up Cafe. I didn’t take any photos but we really enjoyed the meal. It is a place we’ve been before and the have been written up as one of the top places in Santa Fe. It’s a humble, small, off the tourist Plaza area, place opened in an old gas station building (tune up….) by Jesus and Charlotte Rivera. Jesus worked at the very popular Pasqual’s on the Plaza at one time along with Charlotte who waited tables. They opened Tune Up a couple years ago and it’s been a great success. They have the traditional green/red chile dishes but since Jesus is from El Salvador there are some interesting and delicious dishes such as papusas (corn meal round stuffed with meat and vegetables) and Huevos El Salvadorenos, scrambled eggs with scallions, tomatoes, beans, panfried bananas and crema, served with corn tortillas.
I love their chile rellenos, not something I usually order but I make an exception when I come to Santa Fe. Steve had the Las Enchiladas with chicken and the green chile sauce was outstanding.
I’m trying to figure out exactly what was in it but it had a roasted, deep, hot, yet sweet flavor combination. This morning we drove to Tecolote Cafe, another highly recommended and famous cafe featured on Food Network. Bill and Alice Jennison opened Tecolote Cafe in 1980 with the goal in mind to have the best breakfast in town. Tecolote Cafe was named New Mexico’s best breakfast in the Food Network Magazines 50 best breakfasts in America. The featured dish was their Atole Pinon pancakes. In fact, not knowing the Food Network fact, I ordered the Atole Pinon pancake for my breakfast along with the jalapeno bacon. The pancake was made with blue cornmeal, flour and other ingredients as well as roasted pinons. I loved it!
Steve’s huevos rancheros had a spicy green chile sauce that was just perfect. We were very pleased with the Tecolote Cafe and plan to go back. They have a cookbook coming out soon and I’m sure I’ll get one. Time to head to the Santa Fe School of Cooking.