Todos Santos, in the Casa Sena courtyard was our first stop on the Chocolate Trail, really nothing more than a list of a few chocolate places suggested on a card we picked up at our hotel.  We had already planned to go to Chocolate Smith for our favorite chile chocolates but trying some new places is always fun.  Todas Santos was small, packed with lots of “dark” items with skull themes and Day of The Dead items, from what I could tell.  I just wanted to hurry out of there, so we picked a few chocolates and left! 
Starting in Upper Left–Caramel Toffee, Black Pepper Truffle, Chipotle Orange Cone, Classic Dark, Pumpkin Buttercream

Chocolate Smith

Always my favorite place for spicy chocolate, and still fantastic.  My favorite is the red chile pistachio bark and this time I will try a couple new ones, the spicy caramel and orange chipotle and the unknown one too.

Red and Green Pistachio Bark, Sierra Blanca, Spicy Caramel, Orange Chipotle, and one I can’t remember!


Atole hot chocolate, which we tried and loved, and my favorite Chile Caramels with Agave.  We also got a couple chile cherry trufles and a mole truffle.

CG Higgins is known for nuts, brittles, and fudge and chocolates.  We sampled several and selected the pumpkin fudge and some chile brittle.