In two days I will be returning home.  I have been very busy with my work here as well as trying to continue with my healthy eating that I have not been posting much at all.  I am managing to continue my no excuses eating plan and exercising.  With the Fresh Market near the hotel I have been able to stock up on fresh fruits and breakfast foods as well as salads for lunch.  For dinner I have been eating light meals at the nearby Japanese and other restaurants  Tuesday night I ventured out on the metro to Bethesda and had a very good Asian salad from a food truck near Bethesda Row.  I noticed a farmer’s market co-op building that is open on Friday and Saturday, so I may check it out. 
During this trip I watched an interesting video on how to make yourself “heart attack proof” by Dr. Carlton Esselstyn.    (Thanks Chef Penni!) He advocates a plant based diet.
 I have lab work coming up so I am curious to see if in 3 weeks of eating a plant based diet I will see a dramatic reduction in my cholesterol and LDL levels. Even with my usual healthy eating they have been worrisome in recent years, skirting on borderline high.  Dr. Esselstyn has years of evidence to back up his claims so I am intrigued.   I am on day 4 of eating nothing but plant based food.  Once I get home I will be able to make my own food and start posting my favorite recipes. 
If you are interested in watching Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof go to: