Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower ToppingBy chef-Julia.comThis whole food plant based no oil version of shepherd's pie is so positively dreamy. The dark greens and rich topping combine to create fantastic flavor.
Plant Based Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onion ToppingBy chef-Julia.comWe all know the old green bean casserole served at holiday dinners. You know, the one with the canned green beans, canned soup, cheese, and canned onion rings? Well, my version is full of fresh green beans, a light vegetable broth based sauce and topped with not-fried onions. People attending my class said it was better than the one they grew up eating!
Vegetable SushiBy chef-Julia.comUnable to find a vegetable sushi with plenty of flavor, texture and variety, I decided to combine both cooked and raw vegetables. The simmered shiitake mushrooms, blanched and seasoned spinach with sesame seeds and red chili, lightly pan steamed carrots, and braised gobo (burdock) root, raw crispy Japanese cucumbers, along with the creamy, rich avocado provide a combination of flavors that bring me back to my mother's kitchen. Burdock root, (gobo) looks like long pieces of wood and can be found in Asian supermarkets and some grocery stores.
Award Winning Plant Based ChiliBy chef-Julia.comI won awards with this chili! It can be as spicy as you like by adding the hottest New Mexico red chili powder and hot Hatch chile peppers, or toned down with mild green chiles and mild red chili powder. I have been making a version of this chili for my family for decades, however, now it's all plant-based. In the summer, here in Texas, we can purchase fresh Hatch green chiles in August, roast and freeze them for later in the year. My roasted Hatch chiles add a depth of flavor to this dish. It's also a great dish to use your homemade beans, any type is fine.
Daily GreensBy chef-Julia.comI mentioned in my Super Smoothie recipe that the recipe for my daily greens would be posted soon. Well, here it is! I don't like the taste of greens (lots of them, anyway) in my morning smoothie. I've made them before in my Instant Pot so I decided to make a big batch every couple days to eat with my smoothie. This recipe makes 3/4 pound of raw greens which turns into about 2 cups of cooked greens. I've been using huge bags of Costco's Power Greens, kale, chard and spinach. They are organic, pre-washed and cost under $6.00. They contain 1 3/4 pounds of raw greens in each bag. I can make half the bag at a time in my 6 quart Instant Post.
Plant-Based Indian Platter (Quick Biryani)By chef-Julia.comThis dish is pictured at the bottom (6:00) position. This biryani is a very simple and quick version of the elaborate and much more complex full version. It is, however, packed with flavor and goes well with the other components.
Gallo PintoBy chef-Julia.comThis is my version of Gallo Pinto, a humble dish from Costa Rico, one of the Blue Zones. I've added some extra spices and our local jalapeno peppers. I can eat this for several meals, adding some cooked Brussels sprouts or cauliflower, or other leftover vegetables. I love serving it on top of chopped kale with some of my spicy Asian apple cider dressing.
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