Plant-Based Mapo TofuBy chef-Julia.comIf you love a spicy kick with your tofu you'll love this dish! My version is based on the Japanese version, however if you can't find any of the ingredients use similar items you have on hand. My Japanese mother loved this dish.
Plant Based OnigiriBy chef-Julia.comOnigiri, or rice balls, typically filled with assertively flavored ingredients, such as umeboshi plum, and wrapped with nori seaweed are packed into lunch boxes (obento) or eaten as a snack or meal. Plant based fillings such as mushrooms with ginger and garlic, simmered tofu, Japanese sweet potatoes, eggplant, and hijiki seaweed with carrots make the most scrumptious onigiri.
Korean Grilled Tofu Bowl (No Oil)By chef-Julia.comMarinated and grilled tofu on top of brown rice with pickled carrots and fresh vegetables will become one of your favorite plant-based bowls. It's spicy, bright and beautiful.
Oil Free Tofu ScrambleBy chef-Julia.comI used to eat Amy's Organic Foods Tofu Scramble with hash brown potatoes and love it so much, but it has added oil. My version tastes just as good without the added oil and I add some fresh cilantro and sliced jalapenos to brighten it up. With a side of my oil free home fried potatoes, this tofu scramble makes me smile.
Plant-Based Hatch Tofu TacosBy chef-Julia.comRoasted Hatch green chiles and bright cilantro combine to flavor crumbled tofu and create this colorful and spicy taco filling. The filling can also be used with burrito bowls, for tofu scramble with potatoes of placed inside a whole wheat tortilla for a wrap or burrito.
Plant-Based JambalayaBy chef-Julia.comThis version of jambalaya has a rich, spicy tomato based sauce, fresh vegetables and tofu. Brown rice is added at the end.
Vietnamese Rice Noodle Bowl (Bun Chay)By chef-Julia.comThis noodle bowl or salad can be made with so many different ingredients. I recently brought it to a pot luck with grilled tofu and garden fresh vegetables and it was a big hit.
PLANT BASED MISO SOUP WITH TOFUBy chef-Julia.comThis plant-based version of miso soup has everything--vegetables, protein from miso and tofu, wonderful flavors and textures. It can be eaten as a meal or as a side dish. Change the flavor by adding rice vinegar, garlic and ginger, if desired. My Japanese mother ate a version of this soup every day, using whatever fresh vegetables she had on hand.