Plant Based Spicy Black Bean Soup (no oil)By chef-Julia.comThis black bean soup has so much going for it. It's easy to prepare, can be spiced any way you like, keeps for days and freezes well. This is one of my fall and winter favorites!
Brown Lentil SoupBy chef-Julia.comThis soup can be made in under 30 minutes but tastes like you've been simmering it all day. The addition of fresh greens and spicy peppers makes it so bright and appetizing. I hope you love this soup as much as I do.
Sardinian Minestrone SoupBy chef-Julia.comQuick and simple with the use of canned beans, this soup can be made on a busy week night. Fresh vegetables, herbs, beans, tomatoes, and pasta make this hearty soup the perfect meal for a cold night. It tastes even better the next day and freezes well.
Plant-Based Jambalaya SoupBy chef-Julia.comI love soup in the fall and winter, especially soup with loads of spicy and bold flavors. I created this soup because I sometimes crave the rich dishes I used to enjoy such as jambalaya and gumbo, however now that I enjoy a whole food plant based diet, I'm finding new ways to satisfy my cravings. No oil, no flour, just fresh vegetables, herbs and spices and this soup is absolutely delicious. It tastes even better the second day and freezes well. If you're not a fan of tofu, use beans instead or use both.
Homemade No Sodium Vegetable StockBy chef-Julia.comI've never found a commercial vegetable stock/broth or dry seasoning that tastes good to me. Most are too salty or have flavors I don't enjoy. Unlike commercial vegetable stock or seasoning mixes, this recipe does not contain salt, and due to the few ingredients, it just tastes like good, fresh vegetables. Keep it frozen in small portions and you'll always have stock available.
Plant-Based Creamy Hatch Potato Corn ChowderBy chef-Julia.comI bought a lot of roasted Hatch chiles, which are in season right now. They are packed into individual servings in my freezer and will last for several months. The smoky and spicy qualities of these chiles add a depth of flavor to plant-based dishes.
Plant-Based Butternut Squash SoupBy chef-Julia.comAll the butternut squash in my garden was ready to pick last week, leaving me with an abundance of beautiful squash. My favorite way to eat it is in soup, however the 100 degree days are hardly soup weather. Fall is around the corner, though, and this week the temperature has dipped into the 90's, giving me an excuse to make my favorite soup. The best thing about this version is the use of the Instant Pot to prepare the butternut squash. No cutting or peeling is necessary.
PLANT BASED MISO SOUP WITH TOFUBy chef-Julia.comThis plant-based version of miso soup has everything--vegetables, protein from miso and tofu, wonderful flavors and textures. It can be eaten as a meal or as a side dish. Change the flavor by adding rice vinegar, garlic and ginger, if desired. My Japanese mother ate a version of this soup every day, using whatever fresh vegetables she had on hand.