Plant Based Korean Black Bean and Kimchi Rice BurritoBy chef-Julia.comI love the combination of beans and rice, ingredients in many of my plant-based meals. This recipe transforms plain black beans with a few simple seasonings. Brown rice and warmed kimchi, smashed avocados, red leaf lettuce, and sliced jalapenos combine with the beans to create unforgettable flavors and texture. I used whole wheat tortillas made in-house at a local Central Market, but there are numerous brands of excellent fat free whole grain tortillas or wraps that can be used for this recipe. The recipe for the quesadilla will be posted separately.
Gallo PintoBy chef-Julia.comThis is my version of Gallo Pinto, a humble dish from Costa Rico, one of the Blue Zones. I've added some extra spices and our local jalapeno peppers. I can eat this for several meals, adding some cooked Brussels sprouts or cauliflower, or other leftover vegetables. I love serving it on top of chopped kale with some of my spicy Asian apple cider dressing.