Vegetable CurryBy chef-Julia.comThis quick and easy dish is great for using leftover baked potatoes and beans, green beans, peas or any vegetables you have on hand. The creaminess from non-dairy milk and great flavors from curry spice makes this dish special.
Plant-Based Indian Platter (Red Lentils with Roasted Bell Peppers)By chef-Julia.comThis dish is picture on the platter at the 9:00 position, clockwise. This recipe is my all-time favorite lentil dish and is adapted from Raghavan Iyer's recipe in 600 Curries. I've made some changes to made it WFPB oil free and reduced the salt. The lentils can be eaten as main dish or thinned with water or vegetable stock and eaten as a soup. I try to keep frozen portions of this soup at all times because it never fails to cheer me up when I know I can have it on a busy night when there's no time to cook.
Plant-Based Indian Platter (Quick Biryani)By chef-Julia.comThis dish is pictured at the bottom (6:00) position. This biryani is a very simple and quick version of the elaborate and much more complex full version. It is, however, packed with flavor and goes well with the other components.
Plant-Based Indian Platter (Red Potato Salad with Tahini Garlic Peanut Butter Dressing)By chef-Julia.comThis Indian inspired plant-based platter has multiple components, including clockwise from 12:00, red potato salad with tahini garlic peanut butter dressing, pan steamed okra, simple biryani, red lentils with bell pepper, and cucumbers. All these recipes are simple and can be made quickly on a weeknight. They don't have to be served together as one platter, however I enjoy an abundance of flavors and love to have several components to eat for a few meals.