Plant Based Mac & CheeseBy chef-Julia.comI've made so many versions of this macaroni and cheese, and this is the best one by far. I'll be making it again very soon for family and friends. I know my grandchildren will love it!
Classic Gravy with no oilBy chef-Julia.comI don't know why this simple gravy, made without oil or butter, is so good. It's very simple to make and stays smooth and velvety. It can be modified with a variety of seasonings and served with anything from no meat loaf to mashed potatoes.
Vegetable CurryBy chef-Julia.comThis quick and easy dish is great for using leftover baked potatoes and beans, green beans, peas or any vegetables you have on hand. The creaminess from non-dairy milk and great flavors from curry spice makes this dish special.
Spicy Oil Free Cauliflower and Vegetable TacosBy chef-Julia.comThe mixture of cauliflower, mushrooms, potatoes, and walnuts provides a "meaty" texture and when combined with the smoky, spicy and bright flavors from vegetables and spices stuffed into a corn tortilla, it's the type of dish no one can believe is plant-based.
Award Winning Plant Based ChiliBy chef-Julia.comI won awards with this chili! It can be as spicy as you like by adding the hottest New Mexico red chili powder and hot Hatch chile peppers, or toned down with mild green chiles and mild red chili powder. I have been making a version of this chili for my family for decades, however, now it's all plant-based. In the summer, here in Texas, we can purchase fresh Hatch green chiles in August, roast and freeze them for later in the year. My roasted Hatch chiles add a depth of flavor to this dish. It's also a great dish to use your homemade beans, any type is fine.
Plant-Based Macaroni and CheeseBy chef-Julia.comMacaroni and cheese, made without cheese, butter, and oil, is a healthy, family friendly dish that children love. The use of whole wheat macaroni makes it even better. This dish is sure to please everyone!
Creamy Broccoli and Mushroom Penne PastaBy chef-Julia.comThis plant-based pasta, with no added oil, is creamy, decadent, and full of texture and flavor. You can spice it up or add extra herbs to get the flavor you're looking for.
Chickpea Pasta with Hummus Marinara SauceBy chef-Julia.comChickpea pasta has twice the protein, four times the fiber and half the net carbs of traditional pasta. When combined with homemade or purchased hummus added to the marinara sauce of your choice, you end up with a unique creamy sauce. You'll love this dish! For those following a low oil and salt WOE, select hummus with no added oil and a marinara sauce with no or low sodium and no added oil or sugar.