My Recipes
Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower ToppingBy chef-Julia.comThis whole food plant based no oil version of shepherd's pie is so positively dreamy. The dark greens and rich topping combine to create fantastic flavor.
Oat and Fruit BarsBy chef-Julia.comThis bar is perfect for breakfast on the go and can be easily modified to use ingredients you already have on hand.
Plant-Based Mapo TofuBy chef-Julia.comIf you love a spicy kick with your tofu you'll love this dish! My version is based on the Japanese version, however if you can't find any of the ingredients use similar items you have on hand. My Japanese mother loved this dish.
Holiday Hummus (no oil)By chef-Julia.comThis hummus is hard to resist with the bright lemon juice, spicy hot sauce, red bell peppers and toasted pine nuts. It's by far my favorite hummus.
Spinach Artichoke DipBy chef-Julia.comLooking for an easy dip to take to a get together? This one won't disappoint. It's rich tasting but without all the fat.
English Tea Bread (no oil)By chef-Julia.comI found out about this bread by watching the Great British Baking show. Very strong tea is brewed and lots of fruit is soaked in it for hours. The moist bread with Texas pecans is dense and so good with a hot cup of tea. It makes a perfect gift for your plant based friends.
Molasses Ginger Cookies No OilBy chef-Julia.comEveryone loves this plant based no oil ginger molasses cookie! Be sure to make if for the holidays and it makes an excellent gift.
Plant Based Grazing BoardBy chef-Julia.comGrazing boards are popular right now so why not make one with the seasonal, fresh vegetables and fruit, a hummus sampling, and cashew cheese?
Plant Based CornbreadBy chef-Julia.comCornbread baked in my old iron skillet (lined with parchment paper) is perfect for enjoying with a bowl of chili, a plate of comfort food, and even as a component of cornbread dressing. Without the butter, eggs, and fat it will never taste like "grandma's cornbread", but it will still satisfy that part of you who craves cornbread.
Plant Based Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onion ToppingBy chef-Julia.comWe all know the old green bean casserole served at holiday dinners. You know, the one with the canned green beans, canned soup, cheese, and canned onion rings? Well, my version is full of fresh green beans, a light vegetable broth based sauce and topped with not-fried onions. People attending my class said it was better than the one they grew up eating!
Plant Based Mac & CheeseBy chef-Julia.comI've made so many versions of this macaroni and cheese, and this is the best one by far. I'll be making it again very soon for family and friends. I know my grandchildren will love it!
Stuffed Acorn Squash with Old Fashioned DressingBy chef-Julia.comBesides looking so festive, this stuffed acorn squash is pleasing in so many ways. From the crispy edged bread dressing with plenty of sage, to the creamy acorn squash, you'll find yourself enjoying every bite.
Creamy Mashed PotatoesBy chef-Julia.comI was missing the rich, creamy taste of the mashed potatoes I used to love. I decided to cook Yukon gold potatoes, rice them so they'd be super fluffy, and then add a thick, rich cashew cream sauce. The end result is pure deliciousness! If you prefer a light version, simply substitute any plant milk for the cashew cream.
Classic Gravy with no oilBy chef-Julia.comI don't know why this simple gravy, made without oil or butter, is so good. It's very simple to make and stays smooth and velvety. It can be modified with a variety of seasonings and served with anything from no meat loaf to mashed potatoes.
No Meat LoafBy chef-Julia.comThis is a versatile no meat loaf for any occasion. It can also me made without beans as well. Changing up the spices can transform it from a holiday loaf to a southwestern loaf. The texture is soft and it goes well with mashed potatoes and gravy, all plant based and oil free, of course!
Plant Based Carrot CakeBy chef-Julia.comLooking for a special occasion cake? This one is rich tasting and decadent. It's also a beautiful cake and tastes just as good without the frosting. This cake is also made without any oil, eggs, or dairy.
Spicy Chickpea BurgerBy chef-Julia.comYou will love everything about this chickpea burger. It's spicy, crunchy on the outside, filled with flavor and can be eaten by itself or made into a burger or wrap. Best of all, it's so quick and easy to make.
Black Bean Brown Rice BurgerBy chef-Julia.comThis delicious burger with southwest flavors is perfect in a whole wheat bun, on an open faced sandwich or served with a salad and side baked potato. It freezes well too.
Plant Based Spicy Black Bean Soup (no oil)By chef-Julia.comThis black bean soup has so much going for it. It's easy to prepare, can be spiced any way you like, keeps for days and freezes well. This is one of my fall and winter favorites!
Plant Based OnigiriBy chef-Julia.comOnigiri, or rice balls, typically filled with assertively flavored ingredients, such as umeboshi plum, and wrapped with nori seaweed are packed into lunch boxes (obento) or eaten as a snack or meal. Plant based fillings such as mushrooms with ginger and garlic, simmered tofu, Japanese sweet potatoes, eggplant, and hijiki seaweed with carrots make the most scrumptious onigiri.
Vegetable SushiBy chef-Julia.comUnable to find a vegetable sushi with plenty of flavor, texture and variety, I decided to combine both cooked and raw vegetables. The simmered shiitake mushrooms, blanched and seasoned spinach with sesame seeds and red chili, lightly pan steamed carrots, and braised gobo (burdock) root, raw crispy Japanese cucumbers, along with the creamy, rich avocado provide a combination of flavors that bring me back to my mother's kitchen. Burdock root, (gobo) looks like long pieces of wood and can be found in Asian supermarkets and some grocery stores.
Brown Lentil SoupBy chef-Julia.comThis soup can be made in under 30 minutes but tastes like you've been simmering it all day. The addition of fresh greens and spicy peppers makes it so bright and appetizing. I hope you love this soup as much as I do.
Vegetable CurryBy chef-Julia.comThis quick and easy dish is great for using leftover baked potatoes and beans, green beans, peas or any vegetables you have on hand. The creaminess from non-dairy milk and great flavors from curry spice makes this dish special.
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