Sticking with a whole food plant based way of eating during the holidays is fairly new to me. Last year, my first year of starting on my own plant based journey, I was still eating food with oil and vegan butter so making desserts wasn’t hard at all. When I started eliminating refined sugar, oil, vegan butter, and most salt, the challenge was real. I’ve been testing recipes for months to find ways to make this new way of eating sustainable for me. With the upcoming holiday season approaching, I started testing dessert recipes recently to see if I could make things like pumpkin pie or pecan pie taste as good to me as the old “classic” versions.
Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Fresh Apple Bread
Delightful Brownies
Holiday Cookies

Yields1 Serving



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  1. lynn
    lynn says:

    Sorry to say but this recipe was a colossal disaster. No matter how long I baked it in the loaf pan the middle remained uncooked. After 50 minutes I sliced it and put the almost bread pudding consistency slices with uncooked middles in a baking pan and baked it another 10 minutes…. The ONLY thing I subbed out in this recipe was spelt flour for the whole wheat. Otherwise I followed everything exactly. Sorry chef Julia, thumbs down.


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