Private Cooking Lessons

Private lessons can be conducted in your home or mine. I’ve worked with people who already know how to cook but are in a food rut. One client was told to “eat healthy” but she only knew how to cook the food from decades of family cooking, heavy fried dishes and casseroles. I worked with her for two years, going to her house twice a month and teaching her how to incorporate vegetables, fruit, whole grains, spices and herbs in her cooking.

Private lessons are also helpful for anyone who cooks or desires to learn better techniques. If you don’t use your kitchen for cooking, which is quite common, a few lessons can get you on the right track. I’ve known many people who watch cooking shows, purchase top of the line appliances, all the gadgets, gourmet sauces, spices and loads of fresh groceries, but then end up eating at restaurants or fast food. Why? Because without a plan, some familiar quick recipes, make ahead components and the right equipment, it’s too much trouble. I’ve been there when I was a young working mom. Open the refrigerator door, see the drawer full of vegetables, pantry with boxes of dried grains, freezer full of frozen proteins, close the door and call for pizza. A few days later I would clean out the refrigerator and toss out unused produce, old meats and dairy, and feel guilty for not cooking. Now, I have a binder of my favorite recipes that are easy to make, family favorites, require no hunting through clippings, going on-line or trying to remember the right cookbook. The investment of private cooking lessons will probably save you money in the long run and quite possibly improve your health.

Beginner Cooks: A few private cooking lessons to establish basic knife skills, major cooking techniques such as grilling, roasting, searing, baking and braising will jumpstart your cooking adventures. Understanding the core cooking techniques, times, and temperatures will be an asset in preparing food for yourself, your family, and your guests.

Young Adults, Teens and Children: A nice gift for someone going away to college or starting a household is a gift of cooking lessons. Children also love to cook and safety in the kitchen, knife skills, and sanitation are covered in private lessons.

Cost of Private Lessons: $50 per hour plus the cost of the food