Everything was amazing! I’ll be dreaming of that chocolate pot de creme for days!
Jaye Ridgeway
Thanks for letting me come to Comfort Food 101. I was nervous because this was my first cooking class. Julia explained terms, cooked the food and answered everyone’s questions. The stew was my favorite. The surprise dessert was the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I saw her use the garlic press, a first time experience, then picked one up for myself after leaving class
Terry Matherly
Great cooking class Julia!  You are making me fall in love with the idea of cooking.  I recommend her for anyone who would like to learn great recipes with a wonderful chef!!! I would like to say that I so enjoyed your class on comfort foods 101, it was so much fun and educational as well.  I can’t wait to take more classes in the future!  Julia is the best chef and tries very hard to make sure everyone understands her techniques and also cares so much about all of her students really enjoy their class. She is a great teacher and I really look forward to more classes to attend. Thank you so much Julia! P.S.  Next time I hope I win some of your brownies!  They were so amazing!  I want to take that class for sure!
Dr. Maitee Mercado-Serrano
Your classes are very well organized and presented with ideas of how to prep things in advance or how to organize yourself to accomplish a lot in less time. You provide us the recipes so that we can follow and make annotations as we are learning. And most of all, like I said before in Facebook, you are making me love to cook which I did not even think of before. Thank you!
Susan Hayes

I loved, loved, loved the class. It was so informative (and informal.). The atmosphere is so comfortable and relaxed. I didn’t know who may be attending when I signed up to come and BAM!, there was Diana Bench and Carolyn Mobley two friends I dearly love!! Diana shared her champagne with me What I enjoyed was your knowledge of food and herbs!! I have seen my mom “sear” the roast but never knew to season it before or how long to sear it for. The kind of meat matters but not if you don’t know what to do with it when you get it home. I appreciate you using fresh herbs. I would like to use fresh ingredients in my kitchen. Showing me “how to” is awesome!! Enjoyed getting to eat what you prepared. That was delicious. I’m making the chicken this evening. I discovered I had a pot similar to what you were using. It is from pampered chef (rock crok). It seemed to work just fine. I had a wonderful time and Marshall throughly enjoyed the “to go” that I brought to him.

Diane Morrison
Incredible class, worth the hour drive for a piece of key lime pie!
Chef Sharon Van Meter
My Sushi Basics experience was AMAZING! I wanted to learn how to make sushi for my husband…but was skeptical to take the class since I don’t eat traditional sushi (fish/crab) myself. NO WORRIES! Chef Julia taught me how to make the most delicious sushi with prime grilled beef and teriyaki chicken! It was fantastic!! Now I have the skills to make traditional sushi for my husband…and sushi with a twist for myself!! This is the third class I have taken from Chef Julia and each one is wonderful. She is informative, inventive and creative. I highly recommend her classes as well as her catering services!
Jaye R
Fort Worth, TX