My usual behavior is to let eating out at a restaurant throw me off track, gain back the pound or two I struggled to lose all week and I’m back to square one.  Well, I made a decision to quit doing that this year and figure out how to enjoy restaurant meals even while I’m losing weight. I was tested in this decision last night when we had dinner at Pappadeaux Restaurant on our way back from a long trip to Love Field to pick up my son, Glenn. I know what’s on their menu so it’s not a big challenge to figure out what to eat (or not to eat!)
They do have a new section called, “naked fish” where you choose a plain fish and a sauce, however you can also just choose a fish with no sauce.  I had the New Zealand King Salmon, chargrilled with spaghetti squash.  Knowing there was probably a big ladle of butter on the squash, I asked to have no butter on it.
I ordered the house salad and a side of light Greek dressing which I drizzled on the salad, very lightly.

Although I normally have a glass of wine, share the Ceasar salad with Steve,  have at least one piece of bread, fish with a  rich sauce and dirty rice, and maybe even a bite or two of dessert, I did not feel deprived.  I am losing weight, feeling good, and not about to get off track after my commitment this year.
The formula for any restaurant meal if you’re really serious about losing weight is simple, but I don’t have time this morning to go into details.  More to come later.