I mentioned the birthday party in my last post.  A woman asked me to come to her home and prepare the food for her daughter’s 21st birthday party for her and 15 friends.  My good friend, Lisa Wright, agreed to help.  Between my “real” job, and preparing for my trip to Washington D.C., I was wondering how I would get everything done.  The menu selected by the mom was pretty simple, however I discovered that wrapping dozens of things in bacon is pretty time consuming.  The party went very well and the guests loved the stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped jalapenos, bacon wrapped chicken, Thai cucumber cups, Beef tenderloin on crostini, vegetables, cheese tray, and bacon cheddar biscuits with chile maple butter.  Somehow I got so busy that day I barely had time to eat anything but a Mojo bar.  By the time we got the food served I was so hungry I was ready to eat all that bacon wrapped food I would normally avoid like crazy! 
On the Food Network show, “Fat Chef”, overweight chefs are profiled.  They work very hard cooking for others and rarely take time to have a healthy meal.  They grab a bite here and there and at the end of the day all the “tastes” of food add up to 7,000 calories.  I can see how that happens!  Fortunately I stopped with a few samples of everything I made and no real damage was done.
I did discover, however, that I really enjoyed the bacon wrapped chicken!  This does not fit very well into my healthy recipe collection, but just take chicken breast, pound it out, stuff it with pepper jack cheese and a slice of jalapeno, rub it in your favorite spice rub, wrap nitrate free good bacon around it, secure it with a toothpick and bake it at 375 for 20-25 minutes.