After several hours of touring Kyoto it was time for lunch. I suggested soba and Steve wasn’t too enthusiastic, thinking soup would not satisfy his big appetite, but he went along with it. Minako spotted the restaurant and we stepped inside. Turns out this was a great choice. There was a man behind the counter we could see making fresh tempura for each order. I order the cold zaru soba lunch. Pictured below, it was perfectly cooked buckwheat noodles (soba), dipping sauce, a few pieces of crisp tempura, and scallions and diakon to add to the dipping sauce. I have never eaten such good soba before in my life. It was made fresh, no wonder. Now I’m a soba fanatic and have ordered special flour from Anson Mills called Nihachi Sobakai to make my own. There was just the right texture, chewy, nutty tasting, and perfect.
Steve’s hot soba with tempura was also fantastic. I made him some tempura soba since we’ve been back and he loved it. I will definitely make it again with my fresh soba.
I regret I was too anxious to eat the delicious food that I didn’t take a photo of my order.
I will write an entry about soba again when I make my own soon.
By the way, Kyoto was beautiful!
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