Steve spotted this Korean grill restaurant the day before when he was out walking and we decided to try it. The Japanese call Korean BBQ, “yakiniku” (yaki means grilled and niku means meat) and have special tables for grilling tableside. We selected an assorted of meats, a selection of kimchee and got to work grilling. The meat is sliced thinly and cooks quickly over the coals.
There is a nice dipping sauce with a faint citrus flavor, like a ponzu sauce. The meat was marinated in a lighter than usual sauce (lighter than the one I use at home). The sizzling charred meat, dipped in the sauce, was absolutely delicious! I couldn’t get over how good everything tasted cooked this way. The thin meats, some kalbi, both regular and premium(fatty) short ribs, some skirt steak, and filet mignon were so tender and juicy, hot and flavored perfectly. Eaten with the hot rice and kimchee I enjoyed every bite. This dinner cost 9,000 yen, though, not one of our bargain meals.
We also tried the chijimi, Korean style savory pancakes. Very tasty–something else I will try to make in the future.
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    Anonymous says:

    Visited Toraji in Tokyo several times – quite delicious.

    As an aside: "yakiniku" refers to all grilled meat dishes, not specifically Korean BBQ.

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