I had good memories of a particular sushi restaurant Helen and I went to during our 2007 trip. The restaurant , “Edomae Sushi”, has a counter around the middle of the restaurant and sushi chefs are busy making different types of sushi and placing it on a conveyor belt which passes in front of the seated diners. You simply choose a plate of sushi as it passes by, stack your plates as you finish each dish and pay according to a color coding system. Each plate has a different color rim corresponding to a price list posted on the wall. There is also a spigot right there at each spot with hot water for tea and instant green tea powder to make your own.
We watched as various plates passed in front of us and started selecting what looked good. There were some good ones, particularly the tuna trio, and some not so great. I mistakenly chose a natto sushi. Natto can best be described as rotten beans, but it’s really fermented beans but I think they smell and taste rotten.
I guess we got spoiled at Sushi Dai because I just didn’t think the sushi was so good here.