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Cooking for Longevity and Health

I have been interested in the topic of longevity and health for many years, like most people over the age of 50, one day I realized that sooner or later I would experience the ailments of the middle aged people around me, most suffering from…

My Love and Hate Relationship with Food

I hardly ever think about this anymore, but recently I was reminded of my early cooking experiences.  These are not the cooking experiences of my adulthood when I was raising children and entertaining friends, but the times when I was a young…
Hard Boiled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

Making deviled eggs today and needed some hard boiled eggs. This time I tried a different method. Boil water (about 2 1/2 quarts) in pot. Drop in one dozen eggs by lowering gently with a large spoon or spider tool. Immediately add…

New Hampshire , Vermont, and Maine: June 2015

For my birthday this year, Steve arranged a trip to New England.  We arrived in Meredith, New Hampshire and checked into our room at the Inn at Mill Falls.  Lovely view from our balcony. We decided on Tavern 27, a…
Chef Julia and Friends

Korean Beef Sliders for Taste Tour 2015

Since 2011, a group of Azle volunteers, headed by Dawn Zuilhof, plan an event to raise money for the Community Caring Center.  We have had taste tours in 2011, 2013, and this year, 2015.  My role has been to find chefs willing to prepare…
Chef Julia and Friends
Chef Julia and Friends
Chef Julia and Friends
Chef Julia and Friends