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Plant-Based Jambalaya

I’ve been craving jambalaya lately, however the version I used to make is full of meat and sort of oily and very salty.  I had to find another version that focuses more on the vegetables and spices to season the dish rather than meat, oil and salt.  I’ve adapted my recipe from one I saw […]


Plant-Based Fort Worth

I started eating my Blue Zones, 95% plant-based diet,  in August 2017 to improve my health.  At that time I kept a list of plant-based choices I could find in local restaurants.   A year later and I’m still at least 95% plant-based, most of the time 100%, and loving it.  Now I make every effort […]

Super Smoothie

For a long time I made what I called the “every day smoothie” and even posted the recipe for it when so many people asked for it. Then one day I watched a video in a Facebook group (Plant Based Dallas) in which Dr. Douglas Won spoke about his “anti-cancer super smoothie”. In it, he […]

Plant-Based Savannah

I’m visiting Savannah with my husband, Steve, who is here on business.  This is another opportunity for me to check out the plant-based options, however limited they might be.  My google search of vegan savannah was quite short, only a handful of places, and only one that is totally plant-based.  A couple have already closed […]

Plant-Based New Orleans Adventure

I love my plant-based diet, the Blue Zones plan I’ve been on since August 2017. It’s allowed me to drop some weight, reverse my high cholesterol, lower my blood pressure and has given me great skin. The Blue Zones plan allows for occasional meats, cheese, seafood, eggs and even “anything you want” once in a […]

The Simple Sandwiches of the 60’s

In the mood for a sandwich while I was shopping at Central Market recently, I wandered over to the “build your own sandwich” bar.  There was a very detailed set of instructions on how to do this seemingly complicated task.  Next to the list of choices, calories were also noted.  Talk about barriers to my […]

Cooking for Longevity and Health

I have been interested in the topic of longevity and health for many years, like most people over the age of 50, one day I realized that sooner or later I would experience the ailments of the middle aged people around me, most suffering from some chronic health issue, unless I made some drastic changes. […]

My Love and Hate Relationship with Food

I hardly ever think about this anymore, but recently I was reminded of my early cooking experiences.  These are not the cooking experiences of my adulthood when I was raising children and entertaining friends, but the times when I was a young child with a lot of time on my hands and a desire to […]